SZ 9 Cabochon Opal Ring 925 Sterling Silver Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal 5 6 7 8 10

SZ 9 Cabochon Opal Ring 925 Sterling Silver Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal 5 6 7 8 10
SZ 9 Cabochon Opal Ring 925 Sterling Silver Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal 5 6 7 8 10

We love opals and we want you to love them too. We guarantee that any opal you acquire from Great Opals will be natural; not treated or manipulated in any way; and without any hidden problems. With Great Opals, you may securely explore the beautiful and exciting world of opal the QUEEN of gems. Opal is October's Birthstone.

This item comes complete with a gift box so it is ready to gift to yourself or someone else. As you move the opal about you will see large flashes of color moving across the opal. In lower lights I see green and red. In brighter lights gold, orange, and traces of purple join the color mix.

The stunning fire in this opal can be seen with nothing but the flame of a single candle making it a. So you can wear this ring day or night. BRAND NEW hand crafted opal ring with an amazing opal from the Welo Province of Ethiopia, Africa.

The opal is solid - not synthetic, not a doublet or a triplet. The opal was mined from the earth, skillfully cut from the rough into its current finished form, and then masterfully set into the setting you see. This generally adds about two weeks to the order; however, please contact me to confirm before ordering. Precious Metal Setting: Sterling Silver; solid, not plated. Origin: Ethiopia, Africa, Welo Province.

Base Color: Semi-Crystal (you can see light through it). Consistency of Base Color (face-up): Perfectly consistent. Brightness Of Fire: Very bright; color can be easily seen from arms length. Fire Color(from most-to-least; according to my judgment and lights): Green, red, orange, gold, purple.

Directionality: Beautiful color from many angles. Cut: Cabochon with high grade cut and polish.

Inclusions at 10x Magnification: Eye clean with a few slight surface imperfections. Treatments: None - 100% natural untreated opal. Please do not return an item without contacting us first so we may arrange a safe return. If you happen to be new to the world of opals then please know this: only about 10% of all mined opal is gem grade opal with the rest being colorless potch. If you have ever seen an opal that looked dull with almost no color inside of it then you saw a very low quality opal.

We are offering much higher quality opals. When you acquire an opal from us you are getting an opal that has been hand-selected for its unique characteristics by an opal expert who spends nearly all of his time working with opals.

Opals are exceptionally rare and beautiful gemstones. They have fire inside of them that flashes and rolls as you move them around. To us, it seems that each opal has energy trapped inside of it; almost like an eternal sunset. As the colors flash and roll, its almost as if the opal is telling a story. So, as you look at the opal, listen to it.

About Our Pictures and Videos. When you hold an opal in your hand, it should look better in your hand than the images used to show it - not the other way around. It is never our intention to portray an opal better in our images than it appears in real life. The images you see are accurate to the best of our digital limitations.

Generally, with the opal in hand, you will see higher luster with greater depth and liveliness than the images portray. You should know that it is impossible to express the exact nature of an opal in images. Many opals look different under different lighting conditions.

Make sure to look at your opal with the sun at your back and coming over your shoulder. Not all opals look best in full sunlight. Some opals look better with less light and some opals look drastically different on cloudy days or in the morning light. We hope you have fun exploring the wonderful world of opal. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance is due within 90 days unless agreed otherwise. You must remember to make the payments. The item "SZ 9 Cabochon Opal Ring 925 Sterling Silver Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal 5 6 7 8 10" is in sale since Sunday, January 18, 2015.

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