14k Gold 5.35 Carat Ethiopian Welo Gem Fire Opal Pendant Necklace

14k Gold 5.35 Carat Ethiopian Welo Gem Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
14k Gold 5.35 Carat Ethiopian Welo Gem Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
14k Gold 5.35 Carat Ethiopian Welo Gem Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
14k Gold 5.35 Carat Ethiopian Welo Gem Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
14k Gold 5.35 Carat Ethiopian Welo Gem Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
Natural Solid Ethiopian Gem Fire Opal, Handmade Solid 22K and 14K Gold Pendant. Ships Fast, Complete With a Nice Gift Box. Please see the video for your best understanding of how the opal will look in hand. The first half of the video shows the opal in bright direct light (like how it will look on a sunny day) while the second half shows the opal in diffused light (like how it will look on a cloudy day). This is a beautiful opal.

It is filled with red fire and has excellent color change properties. It has this sort of pinfire like cosmic stardust pattern with a larger flash fire pattern over the top. The stunning fire in this opal can be seen with nothing but the flame of a single candle making it a true dinner stone. Not synthetic, not a doublet or a triplet.

The opal was mined from the earth, skillfully cut from the rough into its current finished form, and then masterfully set into the setting you see. No treatments of any kind. Overall Size of Pendant: about 19.58mm in length, 8.16mm in width, 3.41mm in thickness.

Precious Metal Setting: We use solid 22K gold to wrap the stone because this purity of gold cushions the stone. The back and bail of the pendant is made from solid 14k gold.

All metal is either solid 22K or 14K yellow gold. Total Carat Weight: 5.35cts. Origin: Ethiopia, Africa, Welo Province. Size: 11.97mm x 7.76mm x 2.67mm. Base Color: Transparent crystal with average silkiness (you can see text through it).

Consistency of Base Color (face-up): Perfectly consistent. Brightness Of Fire (1-5): 4.5 - shows very good color under subdued light and exceptional color under bright light.

Fire Color(from most-to-least; according to my judgment and lights): Red, green, orange, violet. Fire Pattern: Pinfire/cosmic dust with flash fire on top. Directionality: Non-directional (color shows from all viewing angles). Cut: Standard shaped cabochon with high grade cut and polish. Inclusions at 10x Magnification: Eye Clean. It's a natural stone with minuscule surface imperfections.

Treatments: None - 100% natural untreated opal. We love opals and we want you to love them too. We guarantee that any opal you acquire from Great Opals will be natural; not treated or manipulated in any way; and without any hidden problems. With Great Opals, you may securely explore the beautiful and exciting world of opal?

Please use a ruler to scale the images to size such that the opal appears the same size as stated above. Otherwise the images of the opal are likely making it look much larger than its true size. Also, any white spots you see are likely reflections of the lights used for photography.

Opals are exceptionally beautiful gemstones. They have fire inside of them that flashes and rolls as you move them around. To us, it seems that each opal has energy trapped inside of it; almost like an eternal sunset. As the colors flash and roll, it's almost as if the opal is telling a story. So, as you look at the opal, listen to it.

About Our Pictures and Videos. When you hold an opal in your hand, it should look better in your hand than the images used to show it - not the other way around. It is never our intention to portray an opal better in our images than it appears in real life. The images you see are accurate to the best of our digital limitations.

Generally, with the opal in hand, you will see higher luster with greater depth and liveliness than the images portray. You should know that it is impossible to express the exact nature of an opal in images. Many opals look different under different lighting conditions. Make sure to look at your opal with the sun at your back and coming over your shoulder.

Not all opals look best in full sunlight. Some opals look better with less light and some opals look drastically different on cloudy days or in the morning light. We hope you have fun exploring the wonderful world of opal. The item "14K GOLD 5.35 CARAT ETHIOPIAN WELO GEM FIRE OPAL PENDANT NECKLACE" is in sale since Saturday, May 2, 2020. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Fine Jewelry\Fine Necklaces & Pendants\Gemstone".

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